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Being loved to music is one thing, but making the music to your ears pleased is another thing, but making them for someone else's ears are one grand thing.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Ensemble of Gensokyo - [VERUS DECIMA] Xfade Demo OUT 1.3.2013

Finally! After a loooong while of quietness, we at Dex Hexallion has finally completed our latest achievement in music!

Album : Ensemble of Gensokyo - [VERUS DECIMA]
Release : 1.3.2013 (FREAKING CONFIRMED)
Artists : Kazami Shintaro, Chiriko
Here's the cover and tracks!
Album Illustrators : Yokura, Winter, Nanabi, Mobius, Sakura, Mark, Nazree, Minoriko

Friday, December 28, 2012

Total boost of improvements and presentation!

Hello everyone! Its me Shin~! Been a while, I mean, WHILE! I was busy with re-arranging the whole new project for next year, REGARDING Ensemble of Gensokyo, of course! (>w< I also have established a new, stable and proper novice circle for the bigger purpose of music! Ladies and Gentelmen, and ZUN, I present to you, Dex Hexallion!
Our members of handpicked co-musicians, uploaders, promoters, and digital artists, and of course, me too! We are still very new in this, so please guide us to success. *bows* We created a much more proper youtube channel (LINK HERE) Also! I have also put up a tease cover image for our next successor of the Ensemble of Gensokyo series! buut i wont say anything about it just yet! >w<)


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